Best practice is embedded in the system

Best practice is embedded in the system

Each step includes checklists, templates and business process automation.

The recruitment process is quite complex, involving over twenty discrete steps, but it is also quite linear and quite repeatable. This lends itself to systemization and automation.

Q2 Recruit is a technology platform that lays out the entire recruitment process, and beyond, in a logical sequence of events. At each step the system includes best practice in the form of checklists, templates and business process automation. As discussed in the DIY Recruitment section, there are numerous tools available over the Internet that can be applied to various parts of the recruitment process. One of the benefits of Q2 Recruit is that these tools can be used in an integrated and seamless way from the one platform making the sum of the parts greater than that of the individual tools.

These features ensure you are never left to create something from scratch without any help and given the best practice is built into the system the process is executed consistently from one hire to the next and from one recruiter to the next. The system has business rules built in that enable you to ensure compliance not only to your own policies but to those of external parties such as the security commission. For example, the collection, storage and retrieval of personal information must comply with security commission policies and Q2 Recruit enables this compliance automatically allowing you to sleep better at night.

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