You own all the data

You own all the data

The data you build up is an asset that provides feedback into your recruitment process.
One of the shortcomings of the outsourced recruitment method is that for large parts of the process you are kept in the dark as tasks are performed behind closed doors so to speak. Furthermore, the intelligence gathered by agencies during these quiet periods is retained by them to enhance their processes and their business.

With Q2 Recruit you own all the data and you decide how much and how little to share with any insourced expertise you invite in.

The data you build up through each successive hiring process is an asset that contributes to your business and provides feedback into your recruitment process. This is a true learning environment. For example, you are now in a position to contact those so-called passive candidates that you established were a good fit for a particular role, but who just missed out to a better candidate on the day.

The data is yours to analyse and will enable you to uncover important metrics such as most effective sourcing channels; applications per job advert; offer to acceptance ratio; and so on. All useful intelligence that will continue to improve your recruitment process.

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