Hiring with a little help from our friends

If you are wanting to recruit more productive staff, in less time and with less effort, and in many cases save yourself $10,000 per hire, then you have come to the right place

You Save Time

There are many examples of automation with Q2Recruit that saves you time. Examples include the creation of candidate records and resume parsing

You Save Money

Q2Recruit saves you money in a number of ways: you rent what you use on a month-by-month basis; you save time through the inbuilt best practice and automation; you no longer need to outsource the whole recruitment process

You Increase Quality

Yo need never start a new recruitment campaign from a blank sheet of paper. Q2Recruit includes templates, checklists and business processes that have been refined over many years of best practice

You Decide How Much Or How Little You Want To Do

You can choose to perform as much or as little of the recruitment process as you like and utlise Q2Recruit Angels to close the gap

Increase Your Employee Engagement and Reduce Churn

Ensure your new employee has the best possible start at your organisation by managing the critical on-boarding process

You're Free to Focus on Your Business

We take care of the technology so that you can focus on the more important stuff that differentiates you from your competition

You Have One Source of the Truth

Having all of your recruitment information in one place, for all to see, means that everyone is viewing the same picture and has all the same and relevant information with which to make the correct decisions

Your Data Avaliable Everywhere

Given that your data is stored securely in the Cloud, the opportunity exists to access that data from anywhere in the world using any device frm the desktop to the mobile phone.

You Make Informed Decisions

Having all the recruitment process information in one place enables analysis that in turn enables you to make informed decisions.