Q2Recruit Benefits

Q2Recruit Benefits

You Save Time

When a candidate applies for a particular role the application arrives in Q2 Recruit directly. If the candidate doesn’t already exist then the record is created along with an application for the particular role.

The resume associated with the application is automatically extracted, associated with the candidate and parsed ready for further processing.

Part of the subsequent processing determines the rating of the application, based on criteria associated with the job.

The first the recruiter sees of the new application is when it appears, according to its rating, on the recruitment dashboard. By this time, much of the processing of the application has already taken place automatically.


You Save Money

If you are already one of the four million users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your Sales, Marketing and Service, then adding Q2 Recruit couldn’t be easier.

Furthermore, you already have the base license covered and all you’ll need to add is the cost of the Q2 Recruit license. Your CFO will love you because you have found a way to leverage existing infrastructure and in so doing reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the return on investment. They love that stuff.

If you haven’t yet invested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM then don’t worry, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. We have a license that include just the Q2 Recruit bits and although more expensive that if you already had the base CRM, it is still very cost effective.

If you are currently struggling to manage your recruitment process yourself using tools like email and Excel, then moving to Q2 Recruit will save you time which saves you money.

If you are currently one of those organisations who outsources their entire recruitment process to an agency then Q2 Recruit will save you money by enabling you to do more, if not all, of the process yourself. Chances are you are doing some of the process yourself already and remember there are always the Q2 Recruit Angels ready to help on a time based model as and when you need them.


You Increase Quality

Job Descriptions, adverts, email responses, phone screening checklists, job offers, these are all examples of some of the best practice that is built in to Q2 Recruit.

Add to this the business process automation that suggests the next logical step in the recruitment process and you can see that Q2 Recruit provides the tools to increase your effectiveness from day one.

As you refine the sample best practice, and make it your own, so the system builds and the quality and effectiveness builds with it. No more situations where the knowledge walks out the door when the people move on.


You Decide How Much or How Little You Want To Do

On a job-by-job basis you can build your recruitment team using internal resources, agency resources or Q2 Recruit Angels.

Regardless of the resources you choose, all of them will be utilizing your Q2 Recruit platform and so all the data and intellectual property remains yours and is available to you in real-time.

Q2 Recruit includes a community of certified recruitment specialists who are on call to be part of your virtual recruitment team or on call as and when you need them. And you only pay for the time you use them.

Increase Your Employee Engagement and Reduce Churn

Having invested time and money to select the best candidate possible it is vital that you make a good first impression. Q2 Recruit includes an automated on-boarding process that includes all the right steps and involves all the right people.

It’s important to realize that on-boarding is not a single event, it’s a process and can take one or two years to complete. Yes that first day is important and having the new hire’s name on the welcome board at reception, a desk already prepared with a phone and business card ready to go, are very important first steps, but it doesn’t end there. Done well on-boarding will convey your organization’s brand and values, explain your people and professional culture, align company expectations and performance and provide the tools for the employee to be successfully assimilated into their new position. All this will ensure better employee engagement, a quicker ramp-up to productivity and will reduce the likelihood of the new hire leaving within the first year.


You’re Free to Focus on Your Business

Q2 Recruit is provided to you as a cloud based service (SaaS). What this means for you is:

  1. You do not need to install expensive hardware and software and you do not need to maintain it or even back-up the data. All this is taken care of for you by us using expensive data centre technology that guarantees availability or your money back.
  2. You can be reaping the benefits of Q2 Recruit within hours, not months, of making the decision to do so.
  3. You spread the cost of ownership by renting the solution from us and you only pay for what you use.
  4. As your business grows Q2 Recruit grows with you at the flick of a switch. No need to invest in more hardware and no long lead times to install and configure it.
  5. You always have the latest and greatest version of Q2 Recruit available and the costs to stay current are much reduced because we take care of the system side of things.



You Have One Source of the Truth

Centralising the recruitment process is an essential part of improving the effectiveness of that process. The alternative to centralisation is decentralisation and in this scenario everyone involved has a different picture. A vital email, a previous decline for the same candidate, a failed assessment or even knowledge that the candidate worked for you once before and was fired!

Q2 Recruit enables team collaboration and ensures everyone is working with the latest information and can make the most informed decisions.


Your Data Available Everywhere

Your instance of Q2 Recruit is located in an industrial strength data centre and secured by multiple layers of security. Being cloud based does mean that anywhere the Internet is available your recruitment system is too.

In addition to running on Microsoft Outlook, Q2 Recruit also runs on all the latest versions of browser and has free applications for the iPad, iPhone and Android phones.


You Make Informed Decisions

All candidate interactions, emails, phone calls, appointments, and notes and documentation, including the resume, can be interrogated by Q2 Recruit and presented in the form of dashboards, charts and reports.

The real-time information can be used to determine what you need to do right now.

Historical information can be used to determine such things as which job boards produce the best results, which organisations your best employees have worked for in the past, how long it typically takes to fill a particular type of role, Etc. All this is useful in planning your next hire.