The Recruitment Process



Key Steps


The need for a new hire is identified and raised by the hiring manager using a Q2 Recruit job request.

The job description is prepared using sample templates and previous examples stored centrally in Q2 Recruit.

The job is posted from, and applications start to arrive directly in, Q2 Recruit.

Automated workflow and dashboard reporting allow you to identify top candidates quickly and move them through the application pipeline.

Email and appointment templates and meeting checklists ensure nothing falls through the cracks and everyone is kept fully informed.

Shortlisted candidates are phone screened and interviewed to arrive at the best hire for the job.

Q2 Recruit Community of Friends

One of the best things about Q2 Recruit is that a friendly helping hand is never far away. A network of recruitment specialist can be called upon to assist at any step of the hiring process. From preparing killer job adverts, through telephone screening and including background checking. You can ask for help at any time and a Q2 Recruit Friend will join your recruiting team, login in to your Q2 Recruit instance, and perform the task right where you can see the results immediately. With Q2 Recruit Friends you have access to any type of recruitment resource you need and you need never miss a deadline again.